Real history of the cosmology and the structure of sketch of the Universe


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Shahidur Rahman Sikder

Real Brief History of the Universe: History of the Real Cosmology
Long time- about 30 years with out help of government, alone free search out - Real history of the cosmology for the mankind- here in my Home Library. My present research results: I am discovery while listening through that above- 100% way of the Universe i.e. before the big bang what happened? Answer of the question joined together in my book- Its cosmology encyclopedia scientific theoretical data, figures and pictures those are innovation in global collaborative learning people real cosmology history. People found- Famous Scientists- Mistaken Discovery & Lawfully- Its Now 100% Purified.
It’s most important for the world-wide people and future generation. It relevant to better civilization is highly needed.
The revolutionary concepts of the research results, having reflected in practical approach in collaboration with your assistance with the help of your publication shall be kept intact preserving our image all over the world, which is my ultimate goal too.
Key issues of the Book: In full answering of the questions about cosmology swiftly found in my present research results- are 254 pages confidential book, here is some key issues of my book is own my 4 theories such as; Big Bang, Evolution, Gravitation and Time dimension theory. It is my confidential book- in Titled- “Real Brief History of the Universe”. In this book people found out- blunder discoveries and it’s now completed. Found- 101% way of the Universe i.e. what was happened before the Big Bang? Answer of the question in this book. Mankind found Real history of the cosmology and the structure of sketch of the Universe, The Universe creation and Creator. Find out- nearly 14 billion years ago- Infinite the big bang and strated evolution, now from our location- the Universe is seven divisible gravitational worlds. Find out- in full communications of physics & Sciences transcending boundaries. People found- Religious are a religion and a nation. Again people find out- Ultimate Reality of Philosophy is Wonder of Creation. Amazing facts about the Universe such as; same moment and same events are two occurrences such as; looking everything has again nothing everything. Looking Big Universe again it infinitesimal. We are everybody is the Universe and everything everybody is center point from own location. Life-time Universe and life-less position is in the Infinite. Time-less the Infinite- make the Universe, by the faculty and it is before the big bang so big bang is second case- Birth of the Universe. Human brain is sample and centre of the Universe such as; my very brain is centre of the Universe. Also your brain is centre of the Universe yet! When you in full understand this book and then you can tale that- my very brain is centre of the Universe. So on.
Consequently, if I am display this book for global people and free of cost! Lawfully- finally- People can take the challenge from my book to the World-Wide Religious priest, Philosophers, Scientists, Researchers & Nobel foundation.
See into- Famous Scientist Albert Einstein between me- AAS Publication published few part of my research results-
The most important tale is that- for correctly understanding the Real History of Cosmology or Universe creation or Creator my theories and information joined together again and again in this manuscript. Because, as I see it people will gladly find out full answer of their questions and the book will swiftly help people find a place and their role of the Universe.